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On a Monday evening, leisurely walking through the Auburn student center, it was quiet, relaxed and almost empty, as most of the students were already at home. Upstairs, a few students were scattered around tables silently doing their homework. Walking past Papa John’s, however, several staff members were behind the counter, busy at work. It was an intriguing sight to see amidst the dim, lethargic student center, people quietly working so hard. 


A dedicated, amiable worker offered her time to give insight into the mind of an Auburn staff member. Kimberly Welch, who has worked for Tiger Dining for a year and a half, loves Auburn University. 

“It is a wonderful campus,” she said with a smile. 

Her favorite part of working at Auburn is the students, which fill the student center from wall to wall every day about lunch time. It’s exciting and the students are great. There is not another place she’d rather be. 


“I grew up in Auburn, I am from here. This is home to me.” 


Welch thinks there is nothing that should be done differently about how the Auburn dining is ran. Eating on campus is great. The variety is wonderful. There are plenty of places to eat and enjoy. The staff is awesome and very friendly. The huge volume of food we go through means we must keep many staff members working all the time.


Before Welch went back to work, she said that she feels students need to know how hard the staff members work. A lot goes into good food, great service and quick food. Many students don’t realize how much time and preparation goes into getting everything ready each day.There are bakers that work over night, and people that come in at 5:30am to start preparing everything. They take pride in such a wonderful, friendly staff. Each staff member has to take customer service classes and exercises to make sure they provide the best service they can. 


Kimberly Welch is proud to be part of such a high quality of staff working in the Auburn family, and the students should be proud too.

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