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Amy Barton '11 (Public Relations) was on a path to Auburn University at an early age.


"There was no decision to be made when it came time for me to choose a school. It was understood from that time that I was a little girl that I would attend Auburn. I grew up going to every football game. I thought Aubie was as wonderful, if not better than, Mickey Mouse. My dad taught me to sing the fight song before he taught me to sing Jingle Bells. There was never a question where I would receive my college education," said Barton.


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Editor's Note: Of late, I've noticed more and more alumni blogging. Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing even more. So, I thought we should profile some of these alumni and share their sites for your enjoyment. This post begins a two-week series.


Today, Barton is pursuing a masters degree in public relations at the university she refers to as "land of the houndstooth."   That's all right.  These days, students are encouraged to pursue their degrees from multiple universities.  It will, as Barton writes, help her "(build) on my strength, character and poise."


Barton "initially began to blog to shut my cousin up who encouraged me to start one with her. But as soon as I started, I loved it."


While a student, Barton attended the Reformed University Fellowship for a few years.  Perhaps that is one reason why she sometimes writes about spirituality in Gifts in My Life, subtitled I guess the Lord knows what he's doing after all.


"My blog is about me, my experiences, my thoughts, my stories. It's basically a platform for me to fulfill my love to write," said Barton. "I will write about anything. I am always careful about what I post because it's open for anyone and everyone to see - and with me being on the search for a job, you can never be too careful. But mostly, I write about fun and or crazy things that happen to me. Or sometimes I'll use the blog to vent about things that make me angry. Or sometimes it's just a vehicle to keep my friends and family updated on my life."


Lately, Barton has written about her Spring cruise with friends in a post entitled nautical.  In another post, Barton shares her views on relationships (the mon).  "In a nutshell, that's all we want. We want the kind of man (emphasis on man) who will be there to sit with us when we have mono. The kind that plays our favorite song in his car cause he knows we love it. The kind that appreciates a homecooked meal and helps clean the kitchen. The kind that wants to hang out with our friends because he knows they mean so much to us. (And ... my new absolute deal breaker...) The kind that doesn't lie about little things ... or just in general would be nice, too."


"I get so much out of blogging. As I mentioned earlier, I love to write and I use the blog to keep my writing skills fresh and in tact," said Barton.  "I also love the fact that it's a way for me to record my memories and my thoughts so I can go back later and think 'oh yeah! i remember that!'."


"It's always fun to go back and recall experiences and stories that my brain has already let go. And finally, I love the reaction I get from my blog posts. My friends and family tell me that they can hear me talking when they read my blog and are always amused and entertained by what I have to say -- which makes me feel good."


Please visit Amy's Gifts In My Life and feel free to comment, too. 


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