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Laura Noble, a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, knew at a young age where her path would lead. As a child, Noble spent her Saturdays in the fall at Auburn football games, as her parents have had season tickets since before she was born. Her grandparents, parents and many of her extended family members had attended Auburn and the university played a huge role in bringing her whole family together.

“Our cousins had season tickets right by ours,” Noble said, “So we would tailgate every week and go to all of the games with them. Auburn has always been common ground for everyone.”

With her mother and father having attended Auburn and her sister being a student at the time, Auburn already felt like a second home. Her family’s connection to Auburn runs even deeper than just a love for the school. Noble’s father, Russell, graduated from Auburn with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1981. She grew up working on cars with her father and knew she wanted to be just like him.

“I've always loved working with my hands and I'm a quick learner,” Noble said. “I knew I was good at math and science so this made my decision to go with mechanical very easy.”

Noble not only had her father as an example, but she was surrounded by a family of Auburn engineering graduates. Noble’s sister Allison graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2013, her aunt Nancy in Computer Engineering in 1987, and her aunt Laurie in Industrial Engineering in 1982. Her grandfather studied engineering before serving in the military for a few years and upon his return to Auburn switched to business. Noble believes he would have also been an engineer if it had not been for the war.

“I've always heard that chemical engineers are the smartest,” Noble said, “But every other type would argue about that. Allison is a complete bookworm so that makes sense for her. Mechanical engineers are usually very logical thinkers, which describes me and my dad very well.”

Noble already knew first-hand the value of an engineering degree from Auburn. Her aunt Laurie graduated with current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. When she came to Auburn for War Eagle Day one spring, she was able to tour the facilities and meet with faculty of the College of Engineering. She was sold on the curriculum that day and has never looked back. 

“Our engineering program is phenomenal,” Noble said. “The actual curriculum is great as well as all of the benefits you get from being around such a talented faculty. Not only does the program prepare you for the real world, but it also gives you valuable connections to find a full time job once you graduate.”

Noble sees herself working for a power plant, such as Alabama Power. She plans to follow in her father's footsteps and graduate in spring 2016 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Photos: used with permission from Laura Noble.

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