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“The first game I went to I was three- months old, it was A-Day and I got my picture taken with Aubie, I was like sitting on his lap,” Tyler Davis Pilz, a sophomore majoring in vocal music education, said. “I’ve missed like one game before this semester, and it was a homecoming game and I think I missed it for like a school dance or something.”

Tyler, who is 18 years old, has been to over 200 Auburn football games. Before this semester, except for that one homecoming game, Tyler has never missed an Auburn football game, both home and away.

“My dad’s over the whole flight department at the university, he flies the coaches, staff and the president,” Tyler said.

Because of this Tyler gets tickets to every Auburn football game. For home football games he sits at the 50 yard line and for away games he usually sits at the end zone except for the National Championship game when he got to sit on the 50 yard line, five rows up.

For the National Championship game Tyler and his family got to stay at the same hotel as the players.

“My dad flew into Arizona a day before we did, and when he checked into the hotel and went to his room, Cam Newton was lying on his bed,” Tyler said. “The hotel had like gotten their rooms mixed up, but how crazy is that?”

Tyler himself has met many of the coaches and football players, including Bo Jackson.

“One of the coolest things ever, when we went to the Citrus Bowl, in Orlando, and it was like New Years, I got to meet Bo Jackson and he taught me how to shake hands,” Tyler said. “He almost broke my hand, he said to never shake a man’s hand like a limp fish, I will never forget that.”

He remembers a long time ago singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with Coach Terry Bowden while flying to an away game. He also remembers flying to games with coach Tuberville.

Tyler says that his least favorite stadium is Death Valley because of an experience he had there.

“When coach Tuberville first became coach we flew down to LSU with him and his family, his mom, Ms. Olive, his wife and their two kids,” Tyler said. “And we were on campus at LSU trying to go to the stadium, trying to go to the game and the LSU fans were like rocking the van back and forth and we couldn’t move.”

Tyler has been to all the stadiums in the South Eastern Conference as well as a few that Auburn played in for bowl games.

He vaguely remembers going to California when Auburn played the University of Southern California in 2002. He also remembers when Auburn played Syracuse in 2001.

“I remember it because one of the Syracuse players hit one of our players and he like flew into the sidelines and hit his head on the Gatorade thing.”

The first time, since the homecoming game, that he’s missed an Auburn football game was this season’s opener in Atlanta against Clemson.

“I was working at Chick-fil-a, and I remember like hearing it on the radio and being so weirded out about hearing it and not being there, I almost cried.” Tyler said.

Tyler said that on top of never missing a football game his family has tailgated in the same spot for over 50 years.

“So yeah, my family’s insane about football.”

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