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As freshman, many people have no idea what they want to pursue their degree in. Will they choose to be a doctor, a dentist, a teacher maybe even a journalist? One thing that probably is true for most freshmen is that they are going to change their degree at least once while in college.


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“When I first came to college, I was an engineering major, but I realized that was not the right field for me,” says Jennifer Henson, a senior in English. “One day, I was helping my little sister in the sorority write a paper and I realized this is what I should be doing with my life. It just fit me, and it was my personality. I knew I should be an English major.”


Henson has been pursuing her degree in English for the last three years she has been at Auburn.


“Because I have been taking class since the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school, I will actual be graduating in three years instead of four,” says Henson.


She is really excited about graduating in three years, but also a little sad because she feels like she might be missing out on some of her college experiences.


“I am excited and ready to be holding that diploma in my hands, but because I am in a sorority, I’m graduating with the pledge class above me and missing out on doing some things with my pledge class,” says Henson.


Henson will be graduating in August with an English degree, and has loved every minute of pursing her degree.


“My favorite class was Technical Writing with Dr. Derek Ross,” says Henson. “He has a wonderful teaching style that made learning easy and fun. I also was exposed to Grant and Proposal Writing in this class, and I am considering pursing this at some point later in my life."


After graduation, Henson plans on taking some time off from school because she has been taking classes for five years. She plans on moving to the beach and getting a job so that she can start paying off some loans to Auburn.


Henson is also hoping to save some money and eventually go to Grad school and pursue a Masters in Education.


“My advice for anyone wishing to pursue a degree in English is get to know the people in your classes; make friends with them,” says Henson. “By the time you reach the end of your degree, you will be in all the same classes with them and you will need study buddies.”



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