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Auburn, Ala. is home to the majestic 696 rolling acres of Chewacla State Park.


The park is in a convenient location for the thousands of students and citizens of Auburn. It is only about a ten-minute drive from Auburn University. The park is also directly off the I-85 exit into Auburn, which makes for a refreshing stop from a monotonous drive.


Chewacla has eight picturesque trails within the park, offering various levels of difficulty. Whether you are looking for a hiking trail, a mountain bike trail or a tree identification trail, Chewacla has them all. These trails include the Sweet Shrub Trail, Boy Scout Trail, Eagle Scout Trail, Deer Rub Trail, Loop Road Trail, Mountain Laurel Trail and the Mountain Bike Trail.


Kelly Garren, a sophomore in business at Auburn University, says, “My favorite thing to do at Chewacla is walk the trails with my roommate and my English bulldog, Dudley.”


If it’s not trails you are interested in, Chewacla also provides exciting amenities, such as campgrounds, cabins, swimming areas, fishing spots, picnic areas, playgrounds and much more.


Garren states, “One thing the park offers that I haven’t gotten to do yet is camping. I love camping, so I think it would be fun to do at Chewacla.”


Everyone is welcome at Chewacla State Park, even the pooches. The entrance fee is $2 on weekdays and $3 on weekends for adults. Admittance is $1 for children ages 6 to 11 and for seniors ages 65 and up.


Chewacla also allows for an enjoyable experience at the beautiful 30-foot Chewacla Dam Waterfall. Students, families and pets can often be found here, splashing in the waterfall and bounding from boulder to boulder down the length of the creek. 


The park offers a great escape from the grind of the typical apartment or home gym. If you choose to exercise at Chewacla, you will never again have to run in place and stare at the same spot for hours on end.


Garren explains, “I think Chewacla is a great place to get outside and exercise as opposed to indoor gyms because people need fresh air and it’s a lot easier to walk when you’re looking at things, like nature, rather than just walking in place on a treadmill.”


Exercising out at a scenic park tends to be more popular and exciting for people looking to stay healthy and also entertained. There is not much room for boredom at Chewacla with its vast array of amenities.

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