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Auburn University football is back in 2010 with a new set of recruits, a solid deposit of veteran players and a team of coaches that will set you on edge for an entire game. Auburn’s stadium hosted more than 63,000 screaming fans, an A-Day record, on April 17.

Instead of an opponent, Auburn’s offence and defense acted as Team Blue and Team White to scrimmage on Saturday. They displayed the results of hard winter practices and the potential of new recruits. Bill Fennel, Auburn alum who drove more than 200 miles to the game, was happy with the performance.

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“Those guys really showed their stuff today,” Fennel said. “But I think they’ve still got a lot of tricks up their sleeve that they’ll be breaking out in the fall.”

The final score of the game was White-17, Blue-21. Four quarterbacks played on Saturday including Barret Trotter, Neil Caudle, Clint Moseley and Cameron Newton. Auburn’s team still has not announced who will be starting in the fall, but some students at the game thought they had ideas.

“It’s got to be Newton,” said Joe Samford, Auburn sophomore. “Out of all the other contenders, he’s the one with the leadership.”

Jamie Houston, Auburn junior, has other ideas. “Neil Caudle is the one with the most experience,” she said. “And I think experience is what our guys play best under.”

Nothing is certain, but that could be part of the charm that brings in fans, young and old, to watch the Tigers play on A-Day.

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