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The Reserve Officer Training Corps or R.O.T.C is a program for Auburn students who wish to enter or commission into the military as Second Lieutenants.

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Within Army R.O.T.C, cadets are held to a high standard and a strict training schedule. Cadets are to uphold the Soldier's Creed in order to represent United States men and woman in uniform around the world and prepare themselves to lead soldiers upon graduation from Auburn University.

The Army ROTC Battalion at Auburn University is home to about 150 cadets, a group that displays a plethora of diversity and unique personalities.

The common bond amongst them lies in their passion for leadership and their nation.

Cadet Brian Cunningham is among those cadets that shares his love for the United States and his peers in the War Eagle Battalion.

Cunningham has began a group called ACU or Army Christian Unity that meets on Monday nights at 7:00 in the Nichols Center.

The idea is for the group to bring cadets together and strengthen them in faith and spirit in order to build them up in Jesus Christ and make them more effective leaders.

“ACU is a bible study in a loose sense, it’s a place for Army cadets to come fellowship and talk about the way the Lord has worked in their lives,” said Cunningham.

ACU has seen a lot of success since its origination in the first part of the spring 2011 semester. It averages about fifteen attendees each meeting, but Cunningham believes more are on their way.

The Soldier's Creed is based on selfless service, dedication to the job, mission, equipment and fellow soldiers. Cunningham and members of ACU see the Soldier's Creed and Biblical principles having direct correlation with one another.

“At certain times it can seem like being a part of ROTC, the military or any type of training can be a place where the Lord takes a back burner to what you’re going through. We wanted to create a place to show how the Lord has taken a forefront in the training we do and the careers we’re getting into,” said Cunningham. 

An ACU meeting begins in prayer, a message is delivered followed by a testimony. The topic discussed is then related to the profession of being a soldier. And finally the group concludes with discussion and prayer.

“ACU starts at 1900 (7:00) and we don’t have an end time,” said Cunningham.
As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another Proverbs 27:17.

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