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AU Music Program Distinguishes Itself From the Rest

"Students who decide to major in music at Auburn are signing up for a different kind of program," said Dr. Jane Kuehne, Assistant Professor of Music Education.

Music students are expected to graduate and be able to not only play, but teach as well. While the pressure is on in a major that has students taking six or seven classes, opposed to the regular Auburn student's four or five, the sense of community in the music major is overwhelming.

While most freshmen at Auburn start their major classes towards the end of sophomore year or the beginning of their junior year, freshmen entering the music program being their major classes right away. The program is organized this way so students begin to hone their music skills as soon as possible so then the time comes to graduate students are performing to the best of their abilities.

Kuehne says she believes that the music program's tight-knit community stems from the Auburn family. Upper-level students in the major take generous amounts of time out of their days to mentor the younger incoming students and when they get together everyone's passion for music shows through.

When music students graduate from Auburn they are eligible to teach at levels K-12 and many are performers on the side. Students who are graduating soon shouldn't fret too much over finding jobs. The program has an extremely high placement rate.

"Our hope is that they will go on to spread their love of music in the classroom," said Kuehne, "because there isn't as much music in the schools as their used to be."

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