Auburn Family

Still United

In this season of new beginnings

And our share of highs and lows,

We remain "The Auburn Family"

And our “War Eagle Spirit” still shows!

The "Auburn Tiger Family"

is part of the "Auburn Tiger Team";

We win together and lose together,

While knit tightly at the seam!

At LSU, Kodi Burns with teeth broken

stared adversity in the face!

And it is him and others like him

who will keep us in the race!

These Auburn Men, though weary from battle,

can still turn things back around!

They can boldly lead us through the storms,

carrying us on to higher ground!

Now we anxiously await the Ole Miss Rebels;

We still have high expectations!

And our “Auburn Tradition” and “War Eagle Pride”

Still unite this Auburn Nation!


Poetic Tiger

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