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Being Prepared Is Worth The Effort :: Active Shooter Training

Auburn University’s Department of Public Safety and Security is hosting an active shooter-training course Sept. 30 from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m., located in the Auburn Arena.


This free course is designed to prepare students, faculty, and staff for any life-threatening situation they may encounter.


“We created a course for Auburn University to train employees, students, and visitors to respond quickly if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation,” said Chance Corbett, Associate Director of Public Safety and Security at Auburn University and lead instructor for this course.


After teaching law enforcement how to respond to crises, his team realized they needed to teach employees and students what to do before the police get to the scene.


“The students think, ‘we have three minutes before police get here, now what do we do?’ and we talk them through the process,” said Corbett.


Julie Huff, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications for the Provost’s Office, attended this course in the summer of 2012.


“I learned a lot of proactive strategies that employees and students can engage in when and if they are ever put in this type of situation,” said Huff.


She recommends this course to everyone because she now feels prepared if a shooter were in her presence.


“It is education that you can carry with you, not just while you’re a student here, but throughout your professional career and personal life,” said Huff.


Corbett has taught this course more than 140 times and has never gotten a bad review.


His past classes have varied in size, but he hopes to fill up the arena Monday night.


“The students are going to come in with a little understanding of what they thought they should do,” said Corbett. “When they leave, they’re going to feel empowered that the decision they make can maybe save their life someday.”


For more information about this course, contact the Department of Public Safety and Security.

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