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Deep in the heart of Auburn stands a semi-secret structure known as “The Shed.” To the unknowing passerby, it looks like an average backyard building. Those with a passion for climbing and a clearance code know it is much more than that.

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The Shed is an indoor climbing venue, built and managed by Auburn University students. More than half the building’s interior is covered with climbing walls of varying degrees of difficulty. Climbers can even design their own path across the walls and ceiling.

Dave Powell and Ryan McCorvey, two of the current owners, describe the facilities.

“It’s not just for climbing. We have pull-up bars, push-up things and ab workout machines,” Powell said. “People just come in here and get strong.”

Other features include an outdoor slackline. The Shed also offers a place to improve climbing skills, whether climbers are beginners or experts.

“You can learn so much from watching other people who are good,” McCorvey said. “If you climb with a group of friends or on your own, you might not improve as much as if you came with people who know a bit more. I know I did.”

The Shed started as a single climbable wall in the apartment of a former Auburn student, Leslie Warnock. He loved climbing, and when he found a house with a backyard and an ideal building for indoor climbing, he jumped at the chance to move. With the help of his friends, he designed the inside of the structure.

“He moved that one wall from his apartment to this location, and over time, he added on until the shed was full,” Powell said.

Most of the construction was completed in a single weekend, with modifications added through the years.
Now, in-the-know climbing enthusiasts can use this building as their personal exercise space. The fee is $50 a semester, or $10 per individual session. The semester membership buys climbers the security code to the building and unlimited climbing time. The Shed is open to members 24 hours a day.

“What I love about this place and climbing is that it really brings a lot of people together,” Powell said. Climbing isn’t an age-based community. It’s a great way to make friends and is a different lifestyle altogether.”

For more information about The Shed and climbing, call Dave Powell at 404-313-2345.

*Disclaimer: The Shed is not an official Auburn University venue. Students and members climb at their own risk. The Shed owners are not responsible for any injuries while on the property.

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