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This Is Auburn Alumni at Top Social Media & Tech Companies

by Robert French

This is Auburn ... in social media, no less. 

I was thinking ... we have Auburn alumni all over the world.

Students are graduating and want to network and find jobs. So, I was exploring LinkedIn's new Education section. The thought popped up, "Who from Auburn is working at major social media providers and related top tech corporations?" I wondered how many Auburn alums we'd find at companies like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft, Google and more.

Here's a brief collection of LinkedIn searches.

No, I do not think this is a complete listing of all the Auburn people out there in these companies.  There are, if you go see and try searches yourself, many different branches and subsidiaries of each company.  So, their profiles may not show up in the LinkedIn search for the brand's name.

It does give us a small glimpse of where Auburn alumni are making a difference in the business of social media channel providers and technology.

The new LinkedIn Education section allows us to discover numerous alumni and current students.  Networking ... the potential to find remarkable alumni is waiting for you.

Auburn @ Google


Auburn @ Facebook

Auburn @ LinkedIn

Auburn @ Twitter

Auburn @ Huffington Post

Auburn @ Apple

Auburn @ Microsoft


Now, what if we went into other areas of technology? Oh, like ... NASA for example?

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