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Auburn Alumni Triplets :: Prepare to Say Awww!

definition: aw - An interjection used mostly to describe someone (a baby) or something (a puppy) that is considered to be too cute for words, or to express sentimental or sugary approval. The pronunciation is often drawn out, as in awwwww!

Prepare to do two things.  First, you're going to say, "Awww!"   Then you'll say, "War Eagle!"  And you'll likely say both three times, at minimum.

Meet three cute little newborns that are the grandbabies, babies, and niece and nephews of Auburn alumni.

This weekend Kelli Hood, AU PRCM '08, shared news of her new niece and nephews.  Triplets!

Hey, it isn't often we get to share stories about three new Auburn Tigers.

The proud parents, Brian and Maryann Hood of North Charleston, South Carolina, both attended Auburn; as did the new mom's father and numerous relatives of the new father.  This is an Auburn family.

The cute babies are featured in a post by family friend and photographer Cindy Ivey in the blog The Growing Space. Read Celebrating Triplets Home At Last.

We thought you might enjoy this.  The photos and descriptions of the personality of each baby are remarkably cute.

Celebrating Triplets Home At Last

You may remember the maternity session of our friends M&B. We were very excited when they announced within a couple of weeks that the triplets had arrived! They spent a lot of time visiting the NICU but the babies are finally home and I had the pleasure of visiting with them today. Why don’t I introduce you?


The princess: she put her brothers to shame at this session! She was calm, cool and collected. No fussing here!


The fighter: this little guy is the youngest and he’s had the hardest time. Complications kept him in the hospital for weeks after his brother and sister came home. As you can see though, he has plenty of fight in those clenched fists!


The pirate: he kept hijacking the show! He was full of spunk and couldn’t decide if he wanted to be curious or cuddled.


The daddy: he has so much patience for these three. We were all impressed by his calm demeanor.


The mommy: selfless and sweet. These kiddos are lucky to have such a wonderful mama!


Special thanks to Pretty Little Elm for supplying the bows used in our session! Mama M loved all of them and the princess had so much fun showing them off.


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