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The Professional Studio Practice class of Auburn University’s Department of Art is holding an art exhibition called Strange Assortments on Thursday, Nov. 20.

The exhibit will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Baggage Depot in downtown Opelika and refreshments will be provided.

“This is a collective exhibition of works from members of our class,” said Emily Gaines, Professional Studio Practices student.  

With the help of instructor Wendy Deschene, the 13 students in Auburn’s Professional Studio Practices class get to showcase a few pieces of the artwork they have done while they have attended Auburn University.

“There is a range of art concentrations within the class, therefore there will be a variety of art work represented,” Gaines said. “From ceramics, painting and photography to sculpture and print making; we have it all.”

Deschene chose The Baggage Depot for the art exhibit to show that any space can be turned into a gallery, according to Gaines.

The Baggage Depot is a converted space that used to be a train station and the art exhibit will be held specifically in the room where luggage was stored.

“The purpose of the class is to help develop our skills before we embark on our creative career,” Gaines said.

The picture displays Gaines' collective collegiate photography works. 

In the class the students also create a website featuring their portfolio and information about the student and their work as an artist. Creating a website allows the students to showcase their talents and allows their work to be seen by many people.

Also in this class, the students have video conferences via Skype with professional artists from different areas of the country. The artists usually show a presentation of their work and artistic style and then the students have a question and answer session with the artists after, according to Gaines.

“One artist that we talked to created the mural at the Facebook headquarters in San Francisco,” Gaines said.

Now through showing off their work at the Strange Assortments exhibit, the students get to show of their artistic style like the professionals that they video conferenced. 

“It forces you to put yourself out there and the more you risk showing off what you do as an artist, the bigger the reward,” Gaines said. “Making something and investing in it and then getting any kind of feedback is good because it helps you grow and it helps you learn. It also just feels good to have a tangible reward for your hard work.”  

“We would love to see as many people as possible at our exhibit,” Gaines said. “We worked hard and we are very proud of the product of our hard work.”

The students whose artwork will be on display at the Strange Assortments exhibit are as follows (in no particular order):

Molly Jenkins

Rebekah Fowler

Emily Gaines

Sierra Shamblin

Constantia Amegbletor

Michelle Gordon

Lindsey Kelly

Ellen Klinger

Cassidy Kulhanek

Mary Wetzel

Stephanie Lansdon

Anna-Kate Marcum

Meghan Miller


For more information about the exhibit, email Wendy Deschene at

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