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Auburn Community Church: A Family Away From Family

AUBURN- Auburn Community Church (ACC), a nondenominational church, is opening at its new location at The Auburn Fellowship building on Sunday, March 1 at 5:30 p.m. 

The Auburn Fellowship building is located at 1400 N. College St. in Auburn, Alabama.

"With this new beginning and new location, we would like to see family and the community build.  We have a Sunday gathering that is engaging, but now we want to bring that all week long, and this definitely gives us more opportunities to do that," said Miles Fidell, lead pastor at ACC.

ACC opens its doors to people from all backgrounds and demographics.

ACC aims to reach out to the community of Auburn with the love of Jesus Christ.  Through modern worship and dynamic teaching, ACC wants to offer biblical truth on all different levels.

“ACC is unique. I have been a part of many church environments and I have never seen anything like the community, environment and the authenticity that I feel each week in ACC,” said Fidell.

ACC focuses on doing church as a family and having everyone under the same teaching and on the same page.  Being located in a college town, the church also aims to provide college students a family unit while they are away from home.

"The church has a family feeling.  The Old Testament out of Deuteronomy 6 talks about impressing things on your children and everyone is talking about the same things together," said Steve Boston, executive pastor.  "ACC has all ages coming together to hear teachings that reach everyone."

The new building will provide ACC more opportunity for weekly community.  ACC will be providing Monday night ministry to reflect on Sunday services.  

"If your Sunday doesn't change your Monday, then what happened on Sunday won't matter," said Fidell.

"The goal in the Fall is to discuss the sermons from the night before.  You walk out of church with all this great stuff, but people want to talk about it and process it.  Monday nights will provide an opportunity to do that," said Boston.

"Other churches aren’t doing it wrong, we just feel called to do something specific ourselves,” said Fidell. 

ACC invites people to come as they are with no dress code or set of standards.

ACC previously met on Sundays at 5:30 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church at 446 S. Gay St.  The church started meeting weekly Aug. 17, 2014.

Photos provided by ACC's Facebook page.

To find out more about Auburn Community Church, visit ACC Website.

Information regarding events and gatherings can also be found on ACC Facebook Page.

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