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Auburn Enrichment Courses Available Without Prerequisites

At the beginning of Auburn University's spring 2015 semester, Josh Champion reviewed his class schedule with subtle frustration. Champion, a senior finance major at Auburn, found he was unable to enroll in a photography course. The official photography course at Auburn University requires prerequisites finance major's typically do not have.

(Image Source: Auburn Office of Continuing and Professional Education)

"I bought a professional camera so I could take great pictures when I travel," Champion said. "I had hoped I could take a photography class, but I didn't have the pre-req's to get in."

Auburn students sharing Champion's frustration have the opportunity to participate in enrichment courses without worrying about prerequisites. Professional and enrichment courses, offered by the Office of Continuing and Professional Education (OCPE), provide students and non-students the opportunity to satisfy personal enrichment needs.

OCPE offers professional development and certification classes as well as test prep for exams like the ACT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT. In addition to these, it also offers enrichment courses that allow for the development of personal skills. 

The following list includes five enrichment courses popular for Auburn students:

1. Photography: Basic Digital

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For students interested in learning the basics of taking professional quality pictures, Photography: Basic Digital  teaches camera operation, positioning and other fundamentals.

2. Overall Financial Fitness

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Overall financial fitness helps students understand where they currently stand financially and equips them with an action plan to become healthy financially.

3. Fly Fishing

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Students study under a professional fly fishing instructor to learn the art of fly-fishing.

4. Ladies Self Defense/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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This course teaches the art of using body weight and street moves to evade an attacker.

5. Watercolor

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This course provides students with no previous art experience a chance at learning the techniques of painting watercolor.

For a complete list of enrichment courses and course schedules, click here.

To learn more about the Office of Continuing and Professional education, contact the office at 334-844-5100 or by email:

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