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High school students enter college in different stages of their lives and Auburn molds and equips them to reach a high personal and educational standards

Courtney Campbell, a senior at Auburn, pursued a major focused on helping others: nutrition. Campbell’s passion for nutrition was ignited through the personal experience of watching her two uncles undergo chemotherapy with proper nutrition. This experience has led Campbell to pursue two goals. “I would like to become a registered dietitian and get a job working with chemotherapy patients. I would also like to end up counseling individuals battling an eating disorder,” she said. (Photo: Courtney (right) takes a picture with Aubie during her chapter meeting. Photo credit: Courtney Campbell.)

Along the way to pursuing a career from an elite nutrition program, Auburn has replaced her old, selfish thoughts. “Auburn has taught me that there is so much more going on than what’s inside my bubble. High school is so small and everyone knows everyone, but Auburn has introduced me to people from all over the country and even all over the world who all have different backgrounds and stories,” Campbell said.

Campbell described her college career in one word: challenging. Campbell has learned that growth can be uncomfortable and difficult but always yields a reward that is worth the endurance. Entering Auburn can be overwhelming to some students but Campbell advised freshmen to reach out to their colleagues. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is in thee same boat as you are and you aren’t dumb for not being able to comprehend something,” she said.


Given the opportunity, would Campbell choose Auburn again? Absolutely. Auburn provided Campbell with just the opportunity that she needed out of high school “Auburn was the perfect balance of allowing me to become independent, but sheltered me enough to not let me fail,” Campbell said.


After three and a half years spent in Auburn, Campbell has grasped the entirety of what the Auburn Family means. “It’s people who know that Auburn pushes people to not only be exceptional students but also exceptional people. It’s a unit that is unwavering through the seasons, high or low, that this institution endures,” Campbell said. Campbell learned that the Auburn Family extends beyond borders after being greeted with many War Eagles while in Europe. (Photo: Campbell cheers on the Auburn Tigers during football season. Photo credit: Courtney Campbell.)


As a senior, Campbell’s Auburn experience is coming to a close. Auburn gave Campbell the opportunity to grow individually and cultivate her career. In the next stage of her life, Courtney awaits to apply what she has learned at Auburn toward her career and everyday life.

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