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The Auburn Beautification Council and the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau officially opened the Auburn Floral Trail last Monday, March, 11.

“The weather has been sort of crazy for us, but things have started to bloom,” said Catrina Cox, chairwoman of the Auburn Beautification Council.

Since the weather is beautiful it is time to get outside and enjoy it.

“We have two trails and one optional trial on campus,” Cox said.

The North trial is the shorter trial at 3.4 miles and the South trial is 10.5 miles. The trials tie into each other, so it is easy to take both.

“People run them, they walk them bike them, but you can drive them as well,” Cox said.

The trials feature flowers native to the South such as Azaleas, Tulips, Daffodils and more. All of the flowers are visible from the road, so those that choose to drive can see all the beauty.

“The homes along these trails are owned by homeowners who really take pride in their homes and this trail,” Cox said.

The Auburn Beautification Council was founded in 1973 and is all volunteered based. It began the Floral Trail in the 1980s, and has since become an exciting event for homeowners.

“We will hopefully get to add more homes to the trail in the next few years,” Cox said.

The flowers are in fullest bloom until about April 21, so this is the best time to head out on the trail.

“This is something that everyone should take the time to enjoy,” Cox said. “Get out, look at all the beautiful flowers, and just take a breath.”

For more information on the trail, maps and the Auburn Beautification Council visit

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