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Auburn University's Campus Dining is presenting their event Tigers on the Green on April 21, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be food, music, and fun on the Green Space.

Auburn Foods is a brand that represents the local options on campus. The brand was coined "Auburn Foods" because all of the partners involved with this brand are either Auburn University alumni or on-campus departments. Tigers on the Green is an event to launch the Auburn Foods brand.

What should students expect?

This event's purpose is to help students meet the people involved with growing and producing their food. Tigers on the Green will resemble a farmer's market. All of Campus Dining's partners will have a table with foods to sample and more information on their business. Students can expect to eat and learn more about where their foods come from.

What else will there be?

Besides a large spread of food to sample, there will also be a bluegrass band playing music. Students are encouraged to grab a plate and enjoy the music on the Green Space. Aubie will make his appearance from 11-11:30, so make sure to stop by to get a picture with "farmer Aubie."

Why is this important?

Auburn Foods is important because when you eat Auburn Foods, you directly support the Auburn Family.

For example, the Auburn Food Sciences program packages the yogurt-covered pretzels for the campus c-stores. Whenever you purchase this product, you are supporting the education of your fellow students. By having their product offered on campus, the students are gaining real-world experience on how to properly package foods.

Another example is T-lish Dressings offered at the salad bars on campus. Tiffany Denson, the owner of T-lish Dressings, is an Auburn alumna who started her business to provide for her family when the real-estate market crashed. You can enjoy your salad knowing that you are directly supporting a member of the Auburn Family.

Where can I find Auburn Foods?

Auburn Foods can be found all over campus and are branded with the Auburn Foods logo (featured on the right). Plains to Plate, TAuburn Foods Logoerranova Salads, Terrell Market, AU Smokehouse, API, Wellness Kitchen and Village Dining all carry Auburn Foods. If there is any confusion about what Auburn Foods are offered, ask one of the dining employees.

What are the exact details of the event?

Tigers on the Green will be held on April 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will be held at the Green Space and will be open to all students, faculty, and staff. Attendees are encouraged to come out and enjoy the music, food and fun!

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