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Not every Auburn student gets the chance to watch their beloved Auburn Tigers play from the sidelines of Jorden-Hare. Even fewer get to experience it for every single game. But, that is exactly what Emma Miller, senior in exercise science, gets paid to do. Well, that and more.


Miller has been a student trainer for the football team since her sophomore year at Auburn. And the way she came about the job is pretty unique.


“My freshman year I went to Church of the Highlands and heard Jay Jacobs speak,” Miller said. “I had heard of people having this job before, but that night I just decided to email the athletic director of Auburn University. Strangely enough, he emailed me back.”


Jacobs forwarded her email to the director of sports medicine, Joe Joe Patron, who then set up an interview for Miller. The rest is history.


“The relationships I have built with members of the staff and players is one of my favorite parts of working for Auburn,” Miller said.


It is not all fun and (football) games, however.


“It is very time consuming. Every weekend I’m busy, and during football season I work until 8 or 9 at night,” Miller said. “It can get very strenuous.”


A typical day for student athletic trainers for Auburn’s football team is not for the faint of heart. They show up for work about 2 p.m. to begin pre-practice treatment, such as taping. Then, they set up the field for practice. Practice lasts about two hours and it is the trainers’ jobs to keep players hydrated and offer medical assistance if an injury occurs.


When practice is over, there is still work left to do. The trainers break down the field, clean everything, restock the training room and offer post-practice treatments to the players.


The hard work does not faze Miller, however. She loves her job.


“This whole past season going from 3 and 9 to a trip to Pasadena, seeing that whole transformation has been amazing,” Miller said when talking about her favorite memories from work.


“I guess my favorite memory hands down was getting to rush the field with the team during the Iron Bowl win,” Miller said.


Working for the football team has changed Miller’s entire perspective when she watches the sport.


“It’s really different now. I get a lot more defensive now when people talk about the players,” Miller said. “If I see them miss something it really bothers me because I see what they can do every day at practice.”


One lesson to learn from Miller’s journey with the Auburn football team is to not be afraid to go after what you want. You never know what might happen…you might just get your dream job.

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