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Auburn Grad Finds Success in Tough Times

In this economy it can be tough, sometimes impossible, to find a great job right out of college. The value of a bachelor’s degree is slowly decreasing because so many graduates are staying in school to get a master’s degree because they cannot find a job after graduating. But for one lucky and deserving graduate, this was not the case.




John Griffin of Homewood, Ala. graduated from Auburn University in December 2010 and began working for McLane Company in January 2011. He had two interviews, one on the phone and one in person. After the interviews, the company hired him a few weeks before graduation day.


“They called me while I was in class. I saw it was them calling and had to step out and take it. I was so ecstatic when I came back in the classroom that I couldn’t even remember what I was supposed to say for the presentation I was giving,” said Griffin.


McLane is a distribution company with branches located all over the United States. They distribute consumer goods all over the country. Griffin is a Distribution Supervisor at the Dothan, Ala. location. He has a team of 37 employees that he oversees.


“One of the biggest challenges of my job is that everyone I’m in charge of is older than me. It was really hard to earn their respect,” said Griffin. The upper management hired him for this position because he was a college graduate and what he lacked in experience, he made up for in personality, drive and people skills. Griffin had another job offer from a company based in Montgomery, but he decided to go with McLane because the starting salary was $10,000 more than what the other company was offering.


Griffin presented an impressive resume. He had a good GPA and he was very involved on campus. He was a Camp War Eagle counselor, president of his fraternity, a member of SGA Senate, a Successfully Orienting Students leader, a High School Leadership Conference counselor, a Junior Adviser for Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, an Inter Fraternity Council Cabinet Director, and a member of the College of Liberal Arts Eminent Society.


“When the guys who are now my bosses saw all my leadership experience, they knew I could handle the job,” said Griffin.


His advice for recent graduates and those who are about graduate is that you need to keep trying. Do not bank on one company or organization and if you get rejected, do not take it personally. The more places you apply and the more interviews you have, the better you will become at marketing yourself.  

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