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Auburn Graduate Brings Bow Ties Back in Style

Bow ties are back in style thanks to Lorenzo Lane, an Auburn University marketing and international business graduate.

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Lane has gone on to create his own bow tie company, L. Bow Ties.

L. Bow Ties does not offer just any regular bow ties, but one-of-a-kind options that are handmade from Lane himself.

“I try to set apart my business with unique aspects like bold colors, fabrics and being custom made,” Lane said. “And once it’s sold, that’s it.”

At first, bow ties were not the most obvious choice for Lane.

“I had never actually worn a bow tie before I made my first one,” Lane said.

Despite this, Lane wanted to create something to provide more choices for men when it comes to getting dressed every day.

“There’s not a whole lot of men’s options when it comes to accessorizing and topping off your look,” Lane said.

This lack of options furthered the creation of L. Bow Ties in Lane’s mind.

Despite his passion for adding something new to the fashion industry, the road to launch L. Bow Ties was not an easy one.

“It started with a lot of research. I had my idea and just kept talking about it with people. That helped make it come further into existence,” Lane said. “I also had to learn how to sew, and I had never sewn before. I had to get my business license, too.”

Lane entered his first bow tie in the 2011 From Project to Runway fashion show. He tied for best accessory.

“The most extreme bow tie I’ve made is probably the one I made for that show. It was two different materials that were orange and blue,” Lane said. “It had rhinestones on it.”

As for the future, Lane is keeping his options open.

”I want to continue to learn and eventually be in stores, or maybe have my own store,” Lane said. “I’m not in a hurry to outdo myself, though.”

He is also open to the idea of expanding his brand into other types of fashion.

“I love clothes, so that’d be fun. I could definitely see that for myself,” Lane said.

Lane is hopeful that he can set an example for others who are considering starting their own business.

“If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it,” Lane said. “I recommend you share your interests in what you want to do, and if you keep talking about it, you bring it about and can make anything happen.”

Bow ties from L. Bow Ties can range from $25 to $35. The cost of a custom bow tie varies depending on what the customer desires.

To purchase a bow tie, or learn more, visit

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