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The College of Liberal Arts takes notice to students working hard to pursue their passions with experience from internship opportunities.  Alexandria Smith is gaining the skills needed as a journalism major by interning at Auburn Magazine.

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Smith has been interning with Auburn Magazine since January 2012.  As part of her journalism curriculum, she is required to do a 15-week internship during the semester.

Auburn Magazine piques the interest of Auburn tigers, past and present, with a collection of articles about the university and the events and successes of alumni and students.  The magazine provides alumni with “a means of staying in touch with their alma mater as well as one another, and a forum for the open exchange and discussion of relevant viewpoints and ideas."

Research and writing sound like a boring homework assignment to most, but to Smith this is the “bread and butter” of her internship.  Smith is given story ideas to write for the magazine and online blog.  She is also responsible for coming up with interesting and relevant story ideas.

“I have had the opportunity to write so many fun articles,” said Smith. “I wrote about Operation Follow-Through, which is a program that helps athletes, who didn’t graduate from Auburn, come back and earn a degree. I also wrote an article about two Auburn graduates who run a “Netflix for neckties”, called “TieTry.”

Smith has also produced many articles on the Auburn Magazine online blog.

Smith has taken advantage of this internship by gaining much needed experience for a future career.  She has applied to law school and is very interested in working with cases dealing with the First Amendment and media law.

Understanding the different aspects of the journalism world will help Smith grow in her skills in research, writing, interviewing and how to acclimate to the different styles of journalism.

“I have learned so much, especially about magazine life, which is a lot different than the newspaper process,” said Smith.  “In magazine work, it is very cyclical, where there is brainstorming, then writing, then the editing, then putting it all together, then starting again.  I have also learned a lot about my working styles, and how I function most efficiently.”

Auburn Magazine is just one example of the many internship opportunities the students have to gain real life experiences.  Smith has developed skills and abilities that will help her procure a career.  She has also learned what type of job she is interested in pursuing and where her skills excel.

“Look for an internship you know you would enjoy,” said Smith.  “And don’t be afraid to go outside the box and apply for internships you think are out of reach.  You just never know, it could happen and you will have a great experience that could lead to the job of your dreams.”

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