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Auburn Maintains Dedication to a World-Class Fan Experience

On September 4, the Auburn University Athletic department announced the release of an Auburn-themed Emoji-style keyboard for Android and iPhone model cell phones. This is the most recent of a series of steps Auburn University has taken over the past year to ensure that Auburn fans truly have a world-class experience.

Current Auburn fans are the beneficiaries of a long run of success, particularly in the near past. The addition of the largest jumbotron in college football, the renovation of Toomer's Corner and a consistent cutting edge digital media experience with all things Auburn are just a few things that distinguish the Auburn fan experience.

"We saw something similar that the Atlanta Hawks did during their run last season," said Jon Sirico, Auburn Athletics Marketing department, regarding the origin of the app. "We partnered with Snaps to create the keyboard."

The keyboard features more than 60 custom emojis, stickers and GIFs featuring logos, traditions and other items special to an Auburn fan. Fans can send pictures of Gus Malzahn's head, or GIFs of the Kick Six whenever they want now. The keyboard works anywhere where pasting is supported including text messages and Facebook messenger.

The app is available for free on the App store and Google Play. Since September 4, the Auburn keyboard app has 57,000 total downloads and more than 530,000 various images, stickers and GIFs have been sent.Download the app at (The photo on the right is a screenshot of the new emoji app in use on an iPhone.)

"Historically, new media channels emerge, and brands and advertisers need solutions for building, managing and measuring their presence in that channel," said Jon Sirico. "Globally, over 80Bn. Messages are sent every day in messaging apps. According to Juniper Research, messaging app usage will triple to 100 trillion messages sent in 2019."

"Messaging is the new social media.," said Jon Sirico. "More than 85% of 13-34 year-olds use messaging apps every day."

Snaps mobile messaging platform provides services for Viacom, Hearst, NBA, NHL, Warner Bros. Pictures, Victoria's Secret, Pepsi and many other brands that include branded keyboards, content management tools and partnerships with the biggest messaging apps in the world to publish and promote content.

The construction of the largest jumbotron in college football and the enhancement of Toomer's Corner over the course of the summer have dominated the average Auburn fan's news feed. The jumbotron saw its first official use on September 12 and the reaction on social media was beaming with optimism.

"Sweet fancy Moses I can see the #AuburnJumbotron from my living room in Tallahassee" - @RobChaneyAD on Sep. 12

The City of Auburn commemorated the reopening of Toomer's Corner with a special "Come Home to the Corner" event on August 21. It featured live music by street performers, an entertainment district event and a poker run that lead participants throughout the various businesses in downtown. (In the photo on the left, the new Auburn jumbotron debuts during the Jacksonville State game.)

(Photo right/ William Holt iPhone Screenshot)

(Photo left/ William Holt)

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