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The Auburn-Opelika area often does not receive enough recognition for the restaurants, shops and activities it has to offer. Even though both towns may seem small to outsiders, there are plenty of quaint areas to discover right before your eyes. These ten things are definitely worth checking out.


1. Breezeway

   Located on 8th Street in Opelika, this quaint restaurant is the perfect place to eat with family or friends on a Sunday afternoon. This locally owned sandwich shop serves a variety of sandwiches, crispy chicken tenders, friend pickles and freshly brewed sweet tea.

2. Donald E. Davis Arboretum walking trails

   The arboretum is a beautiful area right on the edge of campus. Located by Dr. and Mrs. Gogue’s home, the arboretum is 13.5 acres of greenery that belongs to the College of Science and Mathematics. While various events occur here throughout the year, the arboretum is a great place to go when you need a break from a long day of school.


3.  Coffee Cat

     This little coffee shop jewel is hidden on Tiechnor Avenue, behind The Hound. With a menu full of fun coffee specialties and unique teas, Coffee Cat is the perfect place to study or have life chats with a friend.

4.   Studying at the Rec Center

      Most students go to the Recreation and Wellness Center to get a quality workout in, but there is also space here for some ample study time. The quiet outside patio has tables and chairs, as well as the bottom floor of the center. The next time you drop in for a quick workout, bring your laptop and books as well.

5.   Crepe Mrytle Cafe

      Crepe Mrytle is a small restaurant located on South College Street beside Blooming Colors greenhouse. With fun colors and a quiet atmosphere, it is a great place to take your mom or grandmother the next time they pay a visit to the Plains. The specialty is a variety of crepes, but the also have a fabulous breakfast menu and desserts.


6.  Screaming Eagle at Lupton’s Deli

      Looking for an amazing blast of flavor that is sometimes hard to come by? Stop by the Lupton’s Deli food truck and ask for the Screaming Eagle sandwich. This toasted sandwich comes with buffalo chicken topped with pepper jack cheese, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. Want to spice it up even more? Throw some banana peppers on it.

7.   Stress Reduction Class

      Need a break between the stress of academics and extra curricular activities? Sign up for Stress Reduction, a physical education course offered at Auburn University. This course teaches students breathing techniques and the important of relaxation. The course title is PHED 1600.

8.   Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar

      The next time your sweet tooth is aching for a treat, make the drive over to Opelika to Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar. Treat yourself to a milkshake or a hotdog. Mrs. Story’s is located at 1900 Pepperell Parkway in Opelika.

9.   Warehouse Bistro

      If you want to treat yourself to a fancy dinner, head on out to Opelika to Warehouse Bistro. The name says it all. From the outside it looks like an old, rundown warehouse, but in the inside awaits an exquisite menu. Popular menu items are the Dover Sole, Twin Duck Breasts and the apple Cream Cheese Torte.


10.  McDavis at McDonalds

      Looking for a burger full of all kinds of flavors? Ask for the “McDavis” at the McDonalds located on Magnolia Avenue. While this item cannot be found anywhere on the menu, rumor has it that it is a double cheeseburger with two cookies on each side of the hamburger patty.



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