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John Carvalho's SportsBusiness Journal Guest Article Ignites Response from ESPN

Auburn journalism professor John Carvalho critiqued the Poynter Institute's role as ombudsman of ESPN in a recent guest column at SportsBusiness Journal.

I remember an illustration from youth rallies and assemblies. The speaker would have someone stand on a chair, with a friend standing on the floor next to him/her. The one on the chair would be challenged to lift the friend. Impossible.

Then the speaker would challenge the friend to bring the one on the chair down. One yank, and mission accomplished. The warning? It’s easier to drag someone down than lift someone up.

Perhaps someone needs to bring a chair to the Poynter Institute (Review Blog). In its role as ethical watchdog for ESPN, Poynter risks dragging itself down in its attempts to lift ESPN — or, at least, to be perceived as lifting ESPN.(Source)

Well over a month later, ESPN fires back.

Perhaps USA Todaybest summarizes this debate.

Don't expect debates about whether networks can report objectively on sports, when they pay billions to air events, will end in your lifetime.

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