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Social Media App Connects Businesses and Students

Choosing where to go out can often be a shot in the dark. Which venues are good tonight? Where will my friends be going? Which bars and restaurants will offer the best deals and superior service? Come Monday, even the savviest socialites may discover that they missed out on the best weekend specials or events.
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Auburn Pulse, a social media app dedicated to profiling local bars and restaurants, offers a complete up-to-date overview of what’s happening in the Auburn area. The simple but useful concept service is primarily aimed at college-age teens and young adults who are steadily relying on smartphones and other mobile devices to remain plugged into the Auburn buzz and to the trends of what everyone is talking about from one hour to the next. The purpose of Auburn Pulse is to help answer the question, “What’s happening?” in primary topics that interest students and fans.


“Basically, I act as a bridge between bars/restaurants and their customers,” said creator Todd Gilbert.


Generated in August 2010, Gilbert, an Auburn University alumnus, designed it to be a mobile phone application to list bar and restaurant information in a simple manner; however, Auburn Pulse has since grown into a service that utilizes a variety of social media outlets including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and WordPress.


“I started doing a weekly update that appeared on the mobile app and,” said Gilbert. “Mostly through the emergence of Twitter, daily updates and postings occur through work I do, as well as the work other contributors offer.”


Auburn Pulse does a lot more than profiling. It has actually helped launch new businesses by providing them with the exposure they need in their early stages. A simple mention can make or break a new business, and a positive review of a service can translate into overnight success.


“Business owners are realizing the amount of people who can be reached by using Auburn Pulse's platforms and are starting to post announcements and make updates on their own,” said Gilbert. “The more this happens, the more valuable the service becomes to everyone.”


Gilbert gets great joy out of sharing information and interacting with people online. “I guess I got started like everyone else, by taking the personal plunge into the world of MySpace and Facebook,” said Gilbert. “At first, I used them to share pictures, but I began to realize the amount of people you can reach.” 


Another element that piques his interest is how the technology has gone mobile and how the ease of sharing is making it possible for everyone to get involved.


“Mobile phone apps provide the most useful and convenient tool at our disposal at this point,” said Gilbert. “Whether we like it or not, our phones have become a very extension of our hands. My philosophy is to ‘Put Your Business In Your Customer's Hands’.”


Since it's already tailor-made for people on the go, Auburn Pulse offers an app for smartphones that includes tools to make it easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and email.


“Out of all the Auburn Pulse platforms, the app is certainly the heartbeat,” said Gilbert.


Gilbert’s passion for writing led to his release of a second version of the mobile phone app back in November, which includes a section dedicated to written works submitted by users. 


“Anyone can submit anything they would like,” said Gilbert. “Poems, editorials, short stories, etc. When I need content, I go to these contributions, usually changing them once a week.”


Gilbert believes his new service will prove to be even more effective because Auburn Pulse is drawing upon student trends and relying on its users to ensure the app is more compelling than merely a list of words and links.


“I built Auburn Pulse in a way that allows me to make all updates and postings directly from my phone,” said Gilbert. “I can reach more than 10,000 people from Toomer's Corner waiting to cross the street. And I do that almost every day.”


With nearly 10,000 subscribers, Auburn Pulse connects students and businesses like nothing available today - students share conversations, gossip and the inside scoop on bands, specials and events taking place in the Auburn area.


“This was my vision from the beginning, so I'm happy it's starting to trend in that direction,” said Gilbert.


Auburn Pulse is a 99-cent app that can be downloaded for Android from the Android Marketplace and the iPhone version from the Apple Store. 


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