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Social media is a comfortable haven for college students.  Some use it to interact with their friends and family.  Others take it a creative step further as bloggers.

Two Auburn alumnae, while travelling the US and world this summer, are sharing their experiences via video in YouTube and then sharing in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Chelsea Bohannon (photo, right) and Julia Robertson (photo, left) are 2013 graduates of Auburn and they have been struck with wanderlust -- that strong desire to travel and see the world.  Julia has been video blogging for quite some time.  Chelsea was intrigued by the practice and has started her own collection of videos.

Chelsea began her travels in California. Soon, she'll be in Ireland.

From her first video: "In the middle of the California desert sits the small town of Niland, consumed with natives, snowbirds and freedom riders wanting more peace in life. Here's a look at Salvation Mountain, a passionate and creative showcase of one man's love for the Lord, as well as Slab City, a community of teachers, engineers, nomads and beyond. Take a look into a world that is different from any other, one that hopefully inspire you to achieve your wildest dreams," writes Chelsea.

As for Julia, "I blog about my life with a humorous outlook on the South." She has been experiencing a trek through Europe with friends.  Julia's latest video is "Installment seven of (Julia's) European travel series. In this blog (the group) travels to Mykonos Island, Athens and Meteora, Greece," writes Julia.

Enjoy their videos.  Click the little "i" in a circle in the top right of each video to subscribe.  Or, click the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of each video to visit their YouTube channels and subscribe.

Chelsea Bohannon's "Salvation & the Slabs"

Julia Robertson's "The Greek Islands & Beyond"

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