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Yes, Auburn has two football teams. But, not in the way that you think.

Auburn's Women's Soccer team is one of the most decorated teams on Auburn's campus.

What does that mean?

Our soccer team is good.

Some of the Women's Soccer team interacting with the crowd.

Some of the Women's Soccer team interacting with the crowd.

As a senior, I attended my first soccer game this past weekend. I felt a little shame, because I had waited so long to support these Tigers.

In fact, a lot of sports teams other than Auburn football are good.  There are a lot of reasons to support the other athletic programs at Auburn.

1. They're FREE.

'Free,' is a college student's favorite word.

And, every sporting event that is not football is completely free. I repeat, completely free. On top of that, there is usually a form of a giveaway at other sporting events.

So, one you're not paying to get into the game and free stuff.

Basketball games have been known to give out t-shirts-- even free food. Imagine an athletic event where you get a free meal and show... nothing like it.

Free Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches at the Auburn Arena. Free Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches at the Auburn Arena.

And, if that hasn't blown your mind enough. The baseball team has done one even better-- free lightsabers.

Aubie with a Light Saber

Aubie with a Light Saber

2. The Student Rewards System

There's a well kept secret amongst Auburn athletics super fans-- the Ignited Rewards System app. Auburn Ignited Rewards app

But, what is this app?

"Auburn Ignited is a completely FREE program for all currently enrolled Auburn University students. The program is designed to reward students for supporting and attending Auburn athletic events. Earn points for every event you attend and redeem your points for great Auburn Experiences and Prizes."

In this app, fans check in at approved sporting events.

A calendar can be found on their site here.

And, when you check in you earn points.

Then, exchange points for items. The items range from koozies to socks.

Again, who doesn't love free stuff?

3. They're Fun!

Most of all, athletics events are fun!

Football games can be stressful-- getting tickets, finding game day outfits, searching for parking and having to get there so early.

And, college is already full of stressful moments. So, why not let loose at a track meet or soccer game?

Do not wait until your senior year, like me, to begin to enjoy non-Football athletic events.

The tennis player in your management class? Go to his match. The basketball player in your lab group? Go see her make that three-point shot.

By attending these events, you can support your friends and classmates on and off of the court. 

So grab a pal and head to the field or court! Student attending Soccer Match

My friend Alyssa invited me to my first soccer match.

And isn't that what the Auburn Family is about?  

Do you more information about Auburn Athletics or the Ignited app? Follow the links below.

Auburn Athletics

Auburn Ignited  

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