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Auburn's Top Spring Break Destinations 2015

As spring break quickly approaches, many Auburn students have already made plans for their much-needed break from school. Some locations are similar from the past years, but many students have new and exciting plans in mind. Below are the top five spring break destinations for Auburn students:

1. Cruising the Caribbean

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Several graduating seniors are making plans for a cruise for spring break this March. These cruises are approximately one week, leaving on a Saturday afternoon and returning Thursday morning. Many have chosen Royal Caribbean, which has a port located in Tampa, Florida. Tampa is very convenient as it is the closest port to Auburn. Students are also going on similar cruises through Princess Cruises. One very popular cruise option is the five-day Western Caribbean cruise, which stops in Cozumel and the Grand Cayman Islands.

2. Destin/ Panama City/ Seaside

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This option continues to be a popular location for spring-breakers. Students typically rent a condo or house with their friends for the week and party on the beach. Whale’s Tail is the popular beach spot for those in Destin. In Panama City, students gather at Club LaVilla. There is plenty of nightlife fun in both cities too. Baytowne is a popular area in Destin known for its bars and clubs scene. Seaside is known for being more relaxed and a family environment. It is not as hectic as Destin and Panama City, but it is the perfect location for a few friends wanting to get away from the big crowds. All three of these locations are approximately 30 minutes to one hour apart from one another, so if you want to meet your friends in another city for the day, it’s a quick drive down Highway 30-A!

3. Mexico

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Mexico has increasingly become a popular option for spring break. In particular, Cancun and Riviera Maya have become very popular locations to spend the week. These two areas are on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula and the western part of the Caribbean, which makes traveling easier for students since they can fly out of Atlanta and directly into Cancun. There are dozens of hotels and resorts to choose from in this part of Mexico, with many featuring the “all-inclusive” option that students love!

4. Gulf Shores

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Gulf Shores is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes south of Auburn. It is a common spring break spot for many Auburn students. Orange Beach is one of the more popular beaches to hang out with friends. Students typically rent a house or condo for the duration of their visit.

5. There's Always Home

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Sometimes, home is the best option for spring break. Students save money, get a chance to refuel and catch up on sleep. Home is often the best choice for students who need that break from college life and some pampering from mom and dad.

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