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Auburn University is known for its many different traditions, but one of the most favorited by the student population is Hey Day. Hey Day is a tradition that was created to promote friendliness among Auburn students, faculty and staff. Auburn prides itself on the being a family. Hey Day is one of the many traditions that Auburn participates in to show that we are more than just a school, but that we actually are a family. The tradition began in 1949 during World War 2.

This year, Hey Day will fall on Wednesday, Oct. 1. T-shirts for the event will be available for sale on the concourse the week of September 22. Each year, Auburn students look forward to this cherished tradition. Name tags are handed out to students, faculty and staff and the Auburn family is able to say hello to anyone that they pass during the day. Students and faculty are encouraged to take part in the tradition and say hello to anyone that they should pass during the day.          

"I think that Hey Day is a great way for Auburn students to all come together and be the Auburn Family that we strive to be," said Andrew Washburn, senior exercise science student. "This tradition is one that I think we should continue on in years to come because it encourages students to reach out and meet others from different walks of life and backgrounds."

Not only are name tags given out to all students and faculty on campus, but the Student Government Association also organizes events on the greenspace that include games, free food and other types of entertainment sponsored by other campus organizations. Aubie makes an appearance on campus every year for this special day and is always active in saying hello to anyone that he should pass.

"Hey Day has been here since I was in school," said Terri Knight, School of Communication and Journalism professor. "It is a neat tradition that we do that signifies why our campus is such a friendly one."

Hey Day is a continued part of the recent THIS IS AUBURN. campaign that the Office of Communications and Marketing has launched. The campaign was created to show how the many different aspects of the university work together cohesively to make our university so special.

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