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Auburn Senior Adopts Baby from Honduras

Most Auburn seniors are anxiously awaiting graduation in May and will be going on to graduate schools or new cities to find jobs or maybe even going to serve in the armed services. However, for one Auburn student in particular, life will be much different than that.

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Find more videos like this on The Loveliest Village

Morgan Hayden, a senior and speech pathology major from Montgomery, will be moving to Honduras upon her graduation in May to finally live with her adopted child, Grace. It all started when Hayden traveled to Honduras for two weeks in the summer of 2009 and then returned again this past summer for three months to help out at a local orphanage called the House of Hope.

“In about a month into the time I was there, Grace came to the House of Hope. She was a malnourished baby. Her grandmother brought her to me and she said that she couldn’t feed her anymore and asked if I would take her,” says Hayden.

Grace, at five and a half months old, was not only suffering from sever malnourishment, weighed only eight pounds, had dying skin, and had worms under her skin when she first came to the House of Hope, but also has a mother who is dying of AIDS and a grandmother who does not have the funds to continue to feed her.

“This baby that no one in the House would touch, not even the nanny, drew me in like a crashing wave,” claimed Hayden.

On that summer day, literally within minutes Hayden became Grace’s mom—learning how to feed her, bathe her, and hold her. She eventually began to gain the strength “to grow and move and babble.”

Hayden’s friends at Auburn threw her a baby shower last Thursday, Sept. 16, in order to celebrate Grace’s adoption. On the invitation, the hostess requested that each person in attendance also would contribute three dollars each to help cover the cost of extra baggage when she moves to Honduras.

Hayden further explains that when she graduates in May, she will move to Honduras to be with Grace and will also open up her home to orphans and will be “taking in 12 orphans as my family.” She will be starting a ministry called Root Ministry and the house she will live in and open up to other orphans will be called the Acts House. Until then, Hayden has been relentlessly raising funds in order to hopefully visit for a month during Christmas break and also to keep Grace safe and healthy at the House of Hope until she returns to take her daughter home.

Hayden said that Grace has been a picture of the Lord’s love for us. “He thinks we are beautiful even if the world says different,” she said.

by Carra Monteverde

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Comment by Wayne Bartlett on October 23, 2010 at 2:32pm
That's really wonderful, and a big responsibility. Good luck to you...WB.

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