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Auburn Seniors Reflect on their Favorite Times at Auburn

As the year is coming to an end, Auburn’s graduating seniors get to look back at all the tough, exciting and record setting moments that they have experienced. To all the students who have some time left, enjoy your time here on the Plains because you will be like these seniors soon, looking back at your college adventures.


Veronica Eder, Industrial Design, Senior

Veronica Eder, Auburn University cross-country and track athlete looked back at a specific home track meet. “That was such a fun race,” says Eder. “I got a personal best by 26 seconds and won on our home track. I ran the 5k in 16:14 and my PR (Personal Record) before that was 16:40. It was when I started to break out and get better and be more confident in myself because leading up to that I was getting better but that was a huge improvement. It made me realize that I could keep getting better. The race was a good way to carry through junior year of track and put me in a good place for the beginning of cross-country," says Eder. 

(Photo: Kenny Moss)

Stephen Wiley, Chemical Engineering, Senior

As many Auburn seniors know, freshman year was freezing and even a little snow filled. Stephen Wiley remembers the days well. "Class was cancelled and I went around all day sledding and playing in the snow with friends. We grabbed random things from my dorm room to sled on, like big Tupperware container lids and laundry baskets and went and slid down the hill by the red barn," says Wiley.

(Photo: Mckenzie Altman)

Caitlin McNulty, Industrial Design, Senior.

Caitlin McNulty is an Industrial Design major. One of the notoriously tough majors here at Auburn, she has spent many sleepless nights on her projects, but it has all been worth it because of the amazing people she is surrounded with. "Last semester we had presentations in Birmingham working with University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) biomedical engineering. I decided to drive to 

Birmingham the morning of our presentation. However, the night before the presentation, of course, being a designer, I stayed up all night to finish work. That morning when I was driving I thought I was going to die. I was with my friend Rachel and a couple others from my major and we blasted the radio all the way to Birmingham to keep me awake and then proceeded to crush our presentation. We celebrated with pizza for lunch. It is memorable because Rachel could have slept the whole way but we ended up having a great friend bonding experience," says McNulty. 


(Photo: Jana Haas) 


Dusty Register, Supply Chain Management, Senior

Dusty Register has played on the Club Ultimate team for the past four years. Register has served as captain and helped bring the team to many victories. "I would say that most of my memories have to do with Club Ultimate Frisbee. Last year we beat Florida in the regionals tournament and got the last spot to go to Nationals. We went to nationals in Raleigh, North Carolina and ended up coming in fifth which is the highest that Auburn has ever finished. Being a part of that was really cool," says Register. 

(Photo: Dusty Register)  

Rayme Batts, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Senior

Rayme Batts met her best friend through her major and some courage. "One of my most thankful memories was Freshman year when I had to have work hours for my major. I had to work an event down at the beach and I needed someone to go with me, so I texted Brooke, who was a complete stranger to me at the time. I asked if she wanted to go with me and she said yes. It was a God thing, it could have gotten really awkward but we chatted the whole car ride and had a really amazing weekend. Everything fell into place and now she is my best friend. It is also now a hilarious memory that I am very thankful for," says Batts. 

(Photo: Rayme Batts)  

Be thankful

Auburn Brings together many great friendships and memories, do not forget them seniors! 

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