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Auburn Student Competes for Fashion Fusion Face-off

The fashion industry is known for being cutthroat and incredibly competitive, but one Auburn student is defying the stereotype and making her mark in the fashion world.

Caroline Collier, a senior in apparel design from Birmingham, Alabama, is a contender in the "Fashion Fusion Face-off Competition."

This competition selects four of the top student designers from Auburn University and four of the top student designers from the University of Alabama. From here, designers submit their designs in an online competition that allows anyone to vote for their favorite designer and be deemed the "Crowd Favorite" award. Judges deliberate at the same time and vote who the official Fashion Fusion Face-off winner is, and that design is showcased at the Huntsville Museum of Art.

Collier has had a passion for fashion since day one.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved taking sewing classes, art lessons and crafting before Pinterest was a thing," says Collier. "When I was in elementary school I had a store called "CC Inc." in my room where I would make my parents buy my creations."

Throughout junior high school and high school, Collier knitted scarves and designed t-shirts that she would sell to classmates and in her uncle's store. When she came to Auburn University, she put her designing on the back burner and decided to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising.

"Fashion merchandising is more of the business and accounting side of the fashion industry," says Collier. "During the fall of my junior year, I took a fashion illustration class in the design major just for fun and fell in love with it. Now I am a senior in the design program and will be completing my internship this summer."

Since making the switch to the design program, Collier has been involved in a multitude or projects within the department, including designing a luxury athletic apparel line that will be showcased in the Auburn Fashion Event on April 14th.

"My personal aesthetic as a designer can be described as texture-rich, vintage inspired and a strong regard for attention to detail," says Collier. "My favorite fabrics to work with are fine leathers, furs, dainty embroidery and my most recent obsession is neoprene."

Collier tries to implement her love of culture and traveling into her designs. She always takes the time to collect pieces from different places she visits to assimilate into her clothing. Collier has pieces from Kenya, Morocco, London, Paris, Rome, Prague, just to name a few.

Fashion Fusion Face-off runs until April 7th, allowing anyone to vote once a day. To vote for Caroline Collier visit the competition's website

To check out Caroline Collier's portfolio visit

(Photo credits: Caroline Collier)

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