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Auburn Student Cooks His Way Through College

It's probably safe to say that the stereotypical college guy doesn't know much about doing laundry and he most likely can't cook more than pizzas and frozen dinners. Not true of Auburn senior Samuel Edwards.

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The Florida native who is doubling in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Food Sciences not only cooks more than frozen dinners, he cooks dinners that people want to buy. He is in the process of starting his own catering company and he has already funded a trip around Europe just from catering his food." I started cooking when I was three years old. I had an incident with my babysitter where she didn't cook my eggs right. She said if I wanted my eggs a certain way then I could cook them myself and I've been cooking my eggs ever since," said Edwards.


Edwards says that he and his family have always had a passion for cooking and that the key to every recipe is learned through trial and error.  Cooking was so important to everyone and  at the age of 12 Edward's grandmother bought him cooking lessons for his birthday.


It turned into more than a hobby for Edwards when he started making BBQ his junior year of high school. His parents would give his BBQ as gifts to their friends and before he knew it, Edwards had requests coming in for not only more BBQ, but also for him to cater things like dinner parties.


"Freshman year I started selling BBQ around holidays to make money. It started out with 16-30 Boston butts at first. This year I'm expecting to sell 150-200 ribs and Boston butts. When it comes down to that week each holiday season, it's like a two to three day marathon where I get three to four hours of sleep a night," said Edwards.


It's not just the hometown families that know about Edwards and his BBQ though. Auburn friends have also gotten a taste and judging by the amount of requests he gets for more, it's safe to say it's a hit. "I've started catering in Auburn for SGA events and tailgates...I'm in the process if establishing a business now and getting my sauce commercially made," Edwards said of his success in Auburn.


When asked about where inspiration comes from, Edwards simply stated he gets his inspiration from everything. " Sometimes I wake up at 3 a.m. with an idea to try and I write it down. Some of them are just really stupid, but others I'd like to explore in the future."
While the future of a catering company in Auburn looks promising, Edwards doesn't want to just stop there. After traveling abroad all summer not only did he find flavors to bring back for his recipes, he found flavors missing from certain cultures too. So watch out world. Sam Edwards and his BBQ are headed your way.


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