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Auburn Student Passes Away After Battling Cancer

Those who were fortunate enough to have known Ben Farley would describe him as joyful, gracious and a light of the Lord.  According to friends and family, Farley had an enormous love for others and lived in the moment. 

Farley, a Nashville native, was an Auburn University building science student who battled cancer for seven years. He passed away on Tuesday Oct. 7. 

In 2008 Farley was diagnosed with a rare form of renal cell kidney cancer. This cancer does not respond to normal cancer treatments and in 2012, Farley’s junior year at Auburn, the cancer had spread to his liver, lungs and bones.

However, you would have never known Farley had cancer for how he continued to touch and inspire others with his character.

“Ben was the most enjoyable person to be around,” said Sarah Aughtman, Auburn alumna and one of Farley’s close friends. “Ben lived out loud. Ben was selfless, hilarious, caring and knew the meaning of life in every way.”

Ben lived out loud. “He was the guy who never met a stranger and had the kind of energy you couldn’t help but want to be around,” said Ali Hudson, Auburn alumna and one of Farley’s good. 

Ben was hilarious. Hudson, recounted one time Farley used his humor to make the best of a situation. A group of their friends went to a Flaming Lips concert in Atlanta. Ali said it started pouring on the way home and the windshield wipers didn’t work. Despite this, Farley rolled down his driver’s side window, stuck his head out and proceeded to keep driving like that while getting soaked. “This is one of my favorite memories of Ben and although it was a tad terrifying in the moment, looking back I can’t help but laugh,” said Hudson. (Pictured right, Ben Farley, Emily Littleton and Ali Hudson at a football game their freshman year). 

Ben was caring. With a compassion for people, Farley shared his wisdom with every person he came into contact with. Whether he was working in his construction job, going to class in Auburn or laying in a hospital bed, Farley was a continuous light of Christ on this earth. “I was blessed to do life with him and he was contagious with the Holy Spirit, a true man of God,” said Mallory Bennett, Farley’s friend and Auburn alumna. (Pictured below, Ben Farley, Mallory Bennett and a group of their friends from Auburn).

Ben was selfless. Despite the fact that he was the one who was sick, he never complained and he was always the one teaching or helping others. During Farley’s memorial service, his father, Tim Farley, spoke about Farley’s selflessness. “In seven years of surgery, horrid cancer treatments and even at the point of his death, Ben never complained,” said Tim. Instead, “he strengthened and taught me many things.”

Although Farley’s life was taken too soon, his friends and family are thankful for the time they spent with him and the memories they have. 

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