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Auburn Student Puts Exercise Science on the Map for Auburn University

Robert Brannan, a senior in exercise science at Auburn University has been hard at work on a project to compare the electromyographic (EMG) activity of the middle-trapezius and posterior deltoid while performing a suspension inverted row and traditional inverted row. 

Brannan, a secondary investigator on this particular project, has fallen in love with the research and experience that this project has provided. 

This project was developed at Auburn University Montgomery in the Human Performance Laboratory. 

"This is a thesis project by a grad student that I have jumped in on and have assisted on from the start," Brannan said. "This project has been my introduction to 'real' research and soaking in the experience of lab research has reaffirmed my love and commitment to this field."

The method of experimentation that Brannan is using is hands on. Fifteen apparently healthy men and women volunteered to participate in this study. 

The participants were then given the task of performing four repetitions of the suspension inverted row and the traditional inverted row with the order of exercises being randomized while having EMG activity of the middle-trapezius and posterior deltoid being recorded during use of the Acqknowledge Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. The average peak EMG activity of each exercise was then collected for analysis and comparison.

"The results from each individual study and the different exercises has varied from having significant differences to almost no difference at all," Brannan said. 

In order to complete this detailed project, Brannan had to overcome the learning curve of what goes into exercise research and the intricacies of projects themselves. 

When asked why he chose to jump on board with this particular thesis project, Brannan stated, "no reason other than finding a love and interest for research. I've fallen in love with this project after being apart of it, but it's given me an appreciation and an inclination to find my own project and personal interest to look into more."

This weekend, Brannan is taking his findings to Orange Beach, Ala., to present at the Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Spring conference. Later this summer, Brannan will also travel to Las Vegas to present at the 2013 National Strength and Conditioning Association conference. 

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