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Auburn Student’s Guide to Finding a Part-time Job

College is a time where students learn the value of the budget. Ramen noodles become their best and worst friend as students adjust from the luxury of home cooked meals. It is a transition that every college student must face, however, a simple solution to affording better meals is finding a part-time job.

To solve this dilemma, Auburn’s Career Center has resources students can use to find that ideal part-time job. Lauren Hobbs, a student employment coordinator for Auburn University, specializes in organizing on and off campus jobs for Auburn students.

Hobbs believes that students who participate in part-time jobs are more career ready post graduation. These jobs not only allow students the opportunity to earn money but also give students the experience future employers look for in potential candidates.




As an expert in coordinating part-time jobs, Hobbs explained that the best resource available to students is Handshake. Handshake is a free online resource students can use to find part-time jobs and internships available both on and off-campus.


Students can access Handshake by going online to the Auburn University Career Center website and logging in using their university username and password. To begin, students simply type in their information and create a profile that helps match students with their ideal job. Similar to LinkedIn, there is a section that allows students to choose specific criteria that narrow down the available positions.


The positions range from full-time jobs in major cities to local babysitting jobs in the Auburn-Opelika area. Employers post daily on the Handshake website, allowing students the opportunity to find a job anytime.


Although Handshake is an easy resource available to students, the site does not provide all available on-campus positions. Auburn University does not require on-campus employers to post their available openings. This means that there are numerous job opportunities out there for students.


“Handshake is where you start your part-time job search, but it shouldn’t be where you end to find an on-campus job,” said Hobbs.


Other ways to find jobs


Hobbs believes that one of the best ways students can find a job is by asking employers face-to-face. Searching for jobs in person may seem like a challenge, but it builds character and forces students to think outside of the box.

“Because on-campus employers are not required to post jobs, the part-time job search is largely reliant on finding opportunities through in-person inquiry, which can be challenging. However, it also promotes that old fashion way of doing things, where you actually have to go out and take your resume with you and ask employers if they have any jobs available. This builds communication skills and can help make you more career ready post-graduation,” said Hobbs.


Another great way to find a part-time job is attending the Internship and Part-Time Job Fairs. The events are held at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and are typically from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Student Center. The fair permits students to have face-to-face interaction with employers without ever leaving campus.


The Career Center also provides walk-in hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Professionals are available to help students navigate Handshake and determine the best plan of action for finding a job.


Factors of working On-campus


Before searching for a job, students must be eligible for an on-campus position. Hobbs explained that to be eligible, students must be currently enrolled for at least one semester hour. If a student is not currently enrolled, they can work one semester as long as it is sandwiched between two enrolled semesters. This means that students must have attended classes the semester before and after their semester off.

Students should also be aware that on-campus jobs are limited to 20 hours per week. Understandably, some students are financially dependent on their part-time job. Students who require longer hours should look for an off-campus job. The primary reason students are not allowed to exceed 20 hours is due to Auburn’s focus on academics.

“If you know you have to work more than 20 hours, go off-campus and use Handshake to look for jobs,” said Hobbs. “Also talk to your academic advisor to adjust your class load, because you don’t want to put your academics at risk.”

Balancing a job and classes can be difficult, but with the ideal job, students can ditch the budget and gain transferrable skills that future employers admire. With the resources available to Auburn students, the search for that perfect job is just at their fingertips.



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