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Auburn Student Strongly Encourages Studying Abroad

Auburn senior, Taylor Humm, works in the Office of International Programs for students who want assistance in studying abroad. Humm finds her internship to be beneficial to not only other students, but to herself.   

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Humm said her study abroad trip to Taormina, Italy was such a positive experience that she wanted to share it with the students that come into her office.

“I wanted to bring my international experience back to Auburn,” Humm said, “where I could share my studying abroad time with Auburn students and inform them on what a great experience it is.


Humm works on different tasks while on the job. She manages student traffic that comes in and helps with student assessments. Humm likes this part of the job because she can engage with students on a more personal level.


“By managing student traffic everyday,” Humm said, “I can talk to students about studying abroad on a more intimate level. I give them my personal opinion on certain studying abroad programs. I feel like I can tailor the programs to the students I meet.”


Humm presents orientations sessions for those that are interested. The orientation sessions are a way for students to get a great overview of the International Program in general. Through these sessions, Humm will give the students free range to ask questions about anything that is of concern or interest.

“Students that come to these sessions are already interested in the International Program, but don’t know all of the logistics of it,” Humm said. “The orientation sessions let students know what is all involved in studying abroad and give them a chance to ask questions about it.”


Humm acts like a marketer for the International Program as well. She helps coordinate events put on by the program and basically sells the program to the students. Humm considers this great practice for what she could be doing in a future career.

“Developing marketing skills is one of the many advantages of my internship,” Humm said. “I am actually selling what I am passionate about, which has made me very interested in the field.”


Humm also manages their Facebook page. The Facebook page is an important marketing tool that they have found works well with Auburn students. They can update statuses about orientation sessions, application due dates and put on photo competitions.

“The photo competition is a great way to connect with the students digitally about their study abroad trip,” Humm said. “We ask students to tag a picture from their study aboard trip to our Facebook page and whichever gets the most “Likes,” gets a cash reward prize.”


Humm strongly encourages anyone and everyone to study abroad in college. She considers this one of the highlights of her college career and can't think of a better way to have stepped out of her comfort zone and meet new people. Humm believes that studying abroad increases a person’s global marketing ability, which is an advantage when looking for jobs.

“My study abroad trip is the first thing I have put on my resume,” Humm said. “I feel like my trip really challenged me and let me grow a lot in my maturity.”


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