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Many students at Auburn University are required to complete an internship before graduating. Some students decide to use this opportunity to chase their dreams.

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Lauren Weathers, a senior at Auburn, has always had a passion for politics. 


“It was something that just captivated me, I grew up watching the news with my parents and I wanted to learn as much as I could about it.” 


For her internship, Weathers set her sights on something big, Capitol Hill.


“I lived in D.C. last summer, but I wanted to go back, I missed it terribly.”


In the summer of 2010, she did an internship with Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss.


Weathers landed an internship with The Daily Caller, a top political news site, for summer 2011.


“I knew this opportunity would be a dream come true, I was so excited to start.”


Weathers spent this past summer living on Capitol Hill working for The Daily Caller and taking classes at George Washington University. 


She lived in the student-housing program called, “WISH”, Washington Intern Student Housing. A great program for students that puts your right on Capitol Hill with other college students in D.C. for the same reason.


Weathers was the video intern for The Daily Caller and worked everyday on her own.


“Everyday I would wake up, grab my video camera, head out to the streets and look for a story… I probably worked about 16 hours a day.”


“I took classes at GW with the executive producer of CNN, he taught us about reporting in Iraq, and about how to report from situations we might find ourselves in, and how to keep up with new media.”


Taking classes while doing an internship can be a lot, Weathers said that it taught her a lot about time management and what life after college might be like.


“I was able to bring what I learned back to Auburn University and apply it to my studies here, I know that I will never forget what I learned that summer and I am so glad I had those opportunities.”


For a student with an interest in politics and journalism, Weathers was living the dream in D.C. learning from the top names in the industry. 


Weathers said her advice to students who want to intern somewhere like D.C., but are unsure about it is, “just do it, take the chance, you won’t regret it.” 



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