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Auburn Student Turns Passion Into Thriving Business

Creativity and artistry are a rare talent to find. When one complements these attributes with dedication and hard work, the sky is the limit. Anna Garrett, a senior at Auburn University, utilized this magic formula when she began selling her own jewelry line, MAKtribe, in early January of this year.

The name of her line, MAKtribe was created as a combination of her name, Anna, her mother, Kristi, and her sister, Meg. The Garret women were inspired by "our maker's ability to design the perfect artist's pallet through all aspects of nature." They wanted to create trendy necklaces with truly natural elements incorporating animal vertebrae, deer antlers, fish bones, lava beads, and tusks into their jewelry. (Photo // MAKtribe)

After visiting an antique store in Atlanta filled with beads and pendants, Garrett and her mother and sister realized they could combine their creative perspectives and offer one-of-a-kind necklaces at a reasonable price.

"We hate seeing people around with the same pieces of jewelry. Jewelry should be an artistic expression and unique to each person. But I know how hard it is to buy great pieces on a college budget, so we made sure our line is affordable for my peers,"said Garrett.

Garrett, an apparel merchandising major and business minor, is constantly researching the latest trends on the runway. With experience working in fashion show rooms in New York City, Charlotte, and her home town of Carrollton, Georgia, she has cultivated insight to the fashion industry and knows what trends her peers want to mimic in their own closets. (Photo // MAKtribe)

Balancing a thriving home business and taking 16 hours of class a week has taught Garrett the importance of time management, organization, and the reward of pursuing your passion. She has learned how to sell a brand toward a target audience and has been able to apply what she has learned through her major classes.

"It is still a work in progress. School comes first but this is a learning experience and starting a business requires a lot of time. My advice to someone considering starting their own business is to work with a supportive team. It is hard to get everything done on your own," said Garrett.

Molly Mercer, a senior in fashion merchandising at Auburn University, currently works for MAKtribe making necklaces, ordering inventory, placing shipments to customers, and designing her own creations.

"I wanted more experience working hands on with accessories and watching a business grow from the very beginning," said Mercer.

MAKtribe has sold over 55 necklaces in the past month and has consistent inquiries coming in on a daily basis with a customer base spanning from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer a range of styles and take custom orders. For more information on prices or to place an order with MAKtribe visit their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram at MAKtribedesigns, or email   (Photo // MAKtribe)

(Photo // MAKtribe)

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