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Auburn Students are Thankful for a Week Off for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is filled with family gatherings, great food and a lot to be thankful for most Auburn families. For some people though, Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that get pushed right under the rug. After Halloween is over, the focus jumps straight to Christmas. People begin to put up lights, buy Christmas gifts and play the holiday music. Thankfully, that is not the case for a Heath Beauchamp, an Auburn student.

 Beauchamp is a junior at Auburn and thanksgiving is her favorite time of year. “The fact that we get a whole week off of school to spend time with family is a huge plus of being at Auburn,” Beauchamp said.

Last thanksgiving is what made Beauchamp realize she should never take her week off for thanksgiving for granted. She was able to visit her sister in Venice, Italy while she was studying abroad.

 “It was the most amazing time for my family and we had so much fun. I am so thankful that I was able to have that time with my family. I would have never been able to visit my sister and have such an amazing experience if I didn’t have a week off for thanksgiving break,” Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp talked about how family oriented Auburn is. The board and faculty know what make their students happy. Having time to spend with family before coming back to finals all the stress of studying is very important is many people around campus.

Auburn has many students that live out of the state of Alabama and also a percentage that live outside the United States. If Auburn did not give a week off, like some neighboring universities, some students would not even have the chance to go home for the break.

Beauchamp talks directly about how even if students do not travel all the way home, it is a nice time to get to go home with friends and meet people in different cultures.

 “When my older brother was in college he brought home a friend that lived overseas. It was so amazing for my family to get to share with him the cultures and family traditions we share together every thanksgiving,” Beauchamp said.

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday for many Auburn students. It means a lot to know that our school cares about our happiness and time with family. 

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