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Auburn Students Initiate Campus Student Memorial

The combination of the “Auburn family” and Auburn’s beautiful campus proves irresistible to most. Time and again we celebrate the accomplishments of students who emerge from Auburn and put the skills they have acquired to the test. Several Auburn students now intend to honor those who, unfortunately, don’t get the chance to put their learned skills into practice.


A group of Auburn students, including senior Sterett Seckman, are in the process of comprising a plan for a student memorial. They intend for the memorial to be located in a central location on campus, most likely taking the place of the coy pond and surrounding courtyard.


The idea for a student memorial first surfaced about two years ago when Auburn experienced the loss of four students in one year. It was then easy to see that the Auburn campus lacked a worthy location for respects to be paid and the Department of Industrial Design was contacted. The memorial became the senior project for a group of industrial design students who proposed a total of four separate plans.


Seckman explains that the memorial will promote appropriate and equal acknowledgement to each student who passes away during their time at Auburn. The memorial will also provide a designated service area for family of the students to come together and mourn the loss alongside the Auburn family.


Seckman believes the importance of a student memorial lies in the support available to the families as well as the Auburn family recognizing the loss of one of their own. Seckman explains the idea of using the space to hold a service at the end of each year in honor of each student who had passed during that year. Such a service exists currently, but takes place in Langdon Hall.

Funding for the current plan has yet to be established, yet Seckman hopes the idea will resonate with many and receive strong support. Student support is particularly crucial in the process of bringing the memorial to life.

Pictured is one of the four plans proposed by the senior industrial design students. 

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