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The spring semester brings freshness to the Plains that the fall semester lacks. New trees blooming, warmer days and free Saturdays with no football games to go to. With these free days come free nights, and that is where NightLight comes in.


Nightlight is a non-profit organization located in Atlanta, Ga., that focuses on the ministry of individuals exploited in the sex industry. Every Friday night a group of volunteers come together to evangelize and pray for neighborhoods and people who are at risk in the sex industry.


Maribeth Ward, an Auburn graduate, is the Director of Prevention Programming at NightLight, and has been involved with the ministry for almost a year now.


“I love it because it’s so real,” Ward said. “Scripture comes to life as we face this spiritual warfare on such a regular basis.”


A group of Auburn students, who are involved with the Auburn Christian Student Center, went to Atlanta to take part in the “real” experience.


Krista Autrey, senior in human development and family studies, heard about NightLight through Ward, who she met at church in Auburn.


“I thought it was really neat that a group of people in Atlanta give up their entire Friday night, not just to interact with people, but to pray with them,” Autrey said. “I’ve heard of the difference it has made and I wanted to be a part of it.”


The group started out at Grace Church, in Midtown Atlanta, where they came together to for share and worship time. After that they visited four areas in South Atlanta that is notorious for the sex industry.


“We basically walked around these places and prayed for the people in tough situations living there,” Autrey said.


The group encountered a number of residents from this area, and simply prayed with them.


“I learned that there are people in bad situations but that doesn’t mean that they are less than anyone else,” Autrey said. “And they aren’t necessarily responsible for their situations they are in. They deserve to be loved just like everyone else.”


More information about the progress of NightLight's ministry can be found at Ward's blog.

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