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Auburn Students Take Part in National Political Conventions

As the major party conventions wrap up in Tampa and Charlotte, both camps are prepared to push hard for their respective candidates leading into November.  The conventions not only serve as a three-day infomercial for the party, they allow voters from around the nation to feel like they have a hand in choosing the path for the party over the next four years. 

DNC convention has affect on Auburn students from Beth Clayton on Vimeo.

Auburn students have represented the university at both the Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla., and the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. 

Four members of the Auburn University College Democrats traveled to Charlotte to volunteer for the Alabama Democratic Party's "Sweet Home ALObama" hospitality tent, providing music, food and fun to Alabama friends and delegates.  Alex Roberson, Ben Jones, Beth Clayton and AUCD President Jacob Dean were able to work for the Alabama Democratic Party during the day, selling T-shirts and tickets to the hospitality tent, then attend convention proceedings during the evenings. 

From attending the DNC programming, "I learned how to explain how Obama's policies affect college students so they can vote smart in the coming election," Jones says. 

Throughout the convention, attendees chanted "USA, USA, USA," "Four more years," and the campaign battle cry, "Fired up, ready to go," creating an electric atmosphere. "There is no lack of energy among Democrats about reelecting President Obama," Dean says.

The Auburn College Republicans were also represented in Tampa at the RNC Convention. Caroline Davidson attended the RNC convention in Tampa as an extension of her internship with the Republican National Committee. She got to watch most of the convention from the floor and was part of a team that helped staff RNC guest suites and VIP events "For the most part, I organized, distributed and checked credentials for delegates, staff, and guests," Davidson says. 

"It was incredible to see so many people rally behind the same cause," Davidson says. "The excitement that was established in those four days is something I won't be able to shake any time soon," she says.

Both camps hope to bring their renewed senses of energy to register voters and encourage participation among Auburn students through the November election. Despite the differences in both parties, the students are able to agree on some common ground. The future of this country will be decided by our generation. "You can't show up on election day, take your free sticker and forget about government for the next four years," Roberson said.

"It is so important for young voters to recognize that the White House does determine our future. Health care, tax rates, jobs and education are among a few of the issues that need to be addressed this November," Davidson says.

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