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Auburn Students Work to Provide Clean Water for Hundreds of Families

A group of Auburn University students have found a way to impact the lives of people thousands of miles away by creating a student organization called Auburn For Water.

“Auburn for Water is a campus organization that strives to educate Auburn University on the global crisis that exists regarding the scarcity of clean water. We also do fundraising activities in efforts to end the water crisis,” said James Smith, president of Auburn For Water.

The organization began as a Freshman Leadership Program in 2013. FLP is a campus organization with nine different programs that encourages freshmen to get involved during their first year at Auburn. The members of one group were inspired by 2013 Miss Auburn Tara Jones’ platform to raise money for those living in third-world countries with limited access to clean water. Auburn For Water’s FLP project, Water Week 2014, raised over $10,000 through various fundraising activities on campus. In order to continue fundraising and spreading awareness of this issue, the group became a permanent student organization in fall 2015. 

“I truly believe that anybody who takes the time to learn the truth about clean water scarcity will have their hearts broken like mine. It deeply affected my Freshman Leadership Program, causing us to continue the fight and form a permanent campus organization,” said Smith.

Auburn For Water is hosting the Carry the Jerry 5k November 8 at 2 p.m. to raise money for Neverthirst, a Birmingham-based nonprofit that works hands-on with those in need in Cambodia. The goal of the 5k is to raise enough funds to provide access to clean water to 100 Cambodian families.

“The Carry the Jerry 5k will support clean water efforts in Cambodia, where 40% of the population lacks access to clean, safe drinking water. The efforts will be funded through an organization called Neverthirst. Runners will receive a t-shirt, and will have the opportunity to carry a jerry can across the finish line. This will help the community understand how hard it is for women and children to carry these jerry cans, which are filled with dirty and unsafe water, great distances on a daily basis,” said Smith.

To register for the race visit the  registration page. Racers may also register on the day of the race. To learn more about Auburn For Water visit AUInvolve or the Auburn For Water Facebook page. 

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