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Adjusting to life as a college student is anything but easy, especially when it comes to doing schoolwork. It is known throughout the South that Auburn is one of the hardest universities to receive a letter grade of an “A” in class. However, free tutoring programs offered by the University, such as Study Partners, help make getting A’s a much more feasible task for many students, especially freshmen, who can take a while to get used to the college atmosphere.

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Located on the second floor Learning Commons of Ralph Draughon Library, Study Partners is a program that has been offered by Auburn for over 35 years. It gives students a chance to be tutored by their peers who have mastered their designated subjects. The one-on-one and small-group atmospheres are unique, and they have proven to be very successful.

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Amanda Curvin is a junior majoring in Nursing and is entering into her second semester of being a Study Partners tutor. Because of her health-related major and her interest in the subjects, Amanda specializes in tutoring students in all introductory-level Biology courses, Microbiology, and Anatomy I and II. She received “A’s” in these classes, so she is more than qualified to assist her peers who might need a little more help than what they can get in class two or three times a week.


A typical study session for Amanda includes a 50-minute interaction with another student who presents her with something he or she needs help with. They work through problems and questions in a one-on-one setting, which, Amanda says, “is very direct and innovative, which makes the information more accessible to the student.”


Overall, Study Partners has proven that these one-on-one and small-group study sessions significantly improve the grades of students who utilize the service. On a personal level, Amanda “feels like [she] helps people when they come to [her] sessions.” The feedback she receives is always positive, which motivates her to continue being the best tutor she can be.

Amanda recommends that freshmen take advantage of the services Study Partners offers because “it is a great way to adjust to the different learning styles and class difficulties that college requires.” She also says that all students should consider using Study Partners because “it’s a great way to learn as you go” and is an easy way to keep up with what is going on in class.


Sometimes Amanda is unsure of how her tutoring sessions will turn out. However, she says that her favorite part of the job “is getting to see that moment when something a student has really been struggling with finally clicks.” Working one-on-one with a peer is a great way to learn study habits and figure out how Auburn academics work from somebody who has already been through the classes.


While Amanda and the rest of the Study Partners tutors cannot guarantee an “A” for every student who attends their study sessions, there is no better way to get a head-start at Auburn than by utilizing this free and simple service.

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