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While summer is a time for college students to return to their home, some Auburn students decide to use that time to travel across the country. Many students travel the country to discover different cultures and to learn more about themselves. This is what Auburn student, Annie Bloomston, did the summer of her junior year.

Auburn regularly sends out information about studying abroad to students. Each trip abroad gives students from three to six credits. Student's from all majors have the opportunity to complete a trip abroad. It allows hands-on experiences for students wanting to get a different perspective.

Bloomston visited Italy through Auburn's study abroad program. The program was intended for all majors to receive college credit while studying abroad in Italy. Although Bloomston chose Italy, there were many other places to choose from such as France, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, Germany and more.

Bloomston, not knowing who else was signing up, decided to write her name down on the list.

"I didn't know a soul that was going. I debated signing up for weeks until I finally gave in. I remember hearing all these great things about other people studying abroad, and I wanted that same experience. So I signed up," Bloomston said.

After signing up, Bloomston waited anxiously to see who else who sign up for the trip across the country. The abroad trip she specifically went on was intended for all majors.

"I thought about backing out multiple times. I didn't know if I could be with completely new people for two months," Bloomston said.

When the day came to board the plane, Bloomston was nervous but excited for what was to come. Over time, boundaries were pushed, friendships were made, and memories were created.

"I became more cultured and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. I was able to learn to live my life in a foreign country and work past language barriers," Bloomston said.

When asked what she gained most from the trip, Bloomston replied, "I proved to myself that I am independent and able to adapt easily."

Bloomston urges freshman to begin thinking now of places to travel abroad. The people she met and the sights she saw were unforgettable. When asked if she would do it all over again, she said yes in a heartbeat.

Each abroad trip has something different to offer. Go to the website listed below, To learn more about the process of studying abroad.

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