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The Glomerata has been is Auburn University’s yearbook since 1897.

Every year, 12,000 copies of 'Glom' are given to Auburn students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Glom is said to be one of the largest student-produced publications in the country. It is even one of the top 5 largest yearbooks in the SEC. The Glom has photographs and stories about student life, athletics, faculty and administration achievements and the community, and organizations' activities.

In the Fall semester, the Glom accepts applications for new staff members. They include writers, designers, and photographers who are interested in helping to build the yearbook.  Any Auburn student is welcome to apply.

Claire Chunn is this year’s editor of the people section in the Glom. She has one co-editor and general staff member that help her with her duties.

In order to be on the yearbook staff Chunn had to go through an interview process. When asked why she wanted to join to staff she said, “I was looking for different ways to get involved on campus. I was editor of my high school yearbook, so this opportunity seemed like it would fit me perfectly!”

Chunn was also happy to hear that Auburn’s Glom used a computer program that she was familiar with. She said, “I consider myself computer savvy and was willing to take the challenge on learning a new program, but it was a relief to learn that I knew a lot about the program the glom staff already used.”

The glom staff uses Herff Jones Publishing Company and InDesign to create all of their pages.

Chunn and her staff are in charge of making sure every student at Auburn gets in the people section of the yearbook.

Greek organizations take composite pictures and send them to the Glom as a whole. So where does this leave the students that are not in greek organizations?

The glom staff offers times during the fall semester that students can go and get their picture taken in the student center. The pictures can be an individual or with a group of friends.

They also offer props and fun things to use in the pictures. The props give students an opportunity to show off their personality. They also will be fun memories for students to look back on when remembering their time at Auburn.

Chunn said, “My job is a lot of work, but it will all be worth it in the end when I can see the finished product!”

Check out the Glomerata page on Auburn's website!

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